There is nothing more powerful than a human being with purpose. We have a purpose. Deliver our children a better world by the year 2050. 


2050 Life Investments is a venture capital firm composed of a group of bright and experienced professionals who have excelled in their respective fields of eco-systemic assessment, legal compliance, digital product design and development, immersive technologies, blockchain and shores and coral reefs restoration, and who came together in 2015 joining forces to redefine the paradigm of impact investment and put their experience, skills and qualities at the service of innovative and disruptive business efforts oriented to implement the agenda dictated by the Sustainable Development Goals.   


Our mission is all about the legacy that we are going to leave behind, and we want to pursue it by investing our knowledge and expertise in promoting a series of entrepreneurial efforts based on emerging trends and technologies that aim to create financial return by restoring that lost balance of our planet, within the framework and the guidance of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Jose Lindo Solis

Chief Visionary Office

The COP21 in Paris and the signing of the historic treaty to fight climate change on Earth Day 2016 is without doubt a hopeful milestone for my recent fatherhood. This event also took place while I was participating in the United Nations Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in Spain, leading the working group that envisioned its scenario number 5, which we call “Naturally Free”, strengthening my beliefs related with nature conservation and sustainable development.  

Ensuring the conservation of the planet’s ecosystems and human well-being in the year 2050 is the greatest challenge we face as humanity, inescapably the greatest challenge companies, public administrations and NGOs will be facing during the coming decades.

2050Life is 100% focused on impact investment inspired and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals stated by the United Nations, and driven by the implementation of emerging technologies for the greater good. On a personal level, it means my natural evolution as a public employee and, in the last stage, as developer of innovative financing mechanisms aimed to drive funds towards projects that have as scope the preservation of our planet.

I am one of those who think that the solution is to break the old paradigms and that the new generations will be infinitely more prepared than us in 2050 to solve the problems that have led us to this extreme situation. As humanity, we must return to the path of instinctive wisdom that we enjoy, recovering the reins of our lives through the enjoyment of nature, ecological consumption, and improvement of the average social conditions.

Scientists have marked the way forward, now society must react. With this project we pursue, with humility, the process of social innovation and development that we have experienced since 2013 and the plans 2050Life B-Corp has developed to advance to the next level.


We support projects by providing support in key areas that can help boost the chances of braking the clutter and make true difference. 

Funding Strategy

We help strategise the funding operations with the aim of making the process smooth and effortless.

User Experience

We define a forward thinking focus towards digitalisation of sustainable entrepreneurship within the context of a fully user centric approach. 

Legal Compliance

Run quickly and smoothly through due diligence and legal compliance through fully set and bullet proof documentation. 


Our portfolio is an ever growing pool of projects aimed to bring true innovation and sustainability to the entrepreneurial world.  


Blockchain platform for carbon offsetting, green financing and sustainable investments. 

Hemp the Climate.

A worldwide alliance for accelerating the use of industrial hemp for soil regeneration and climate resilience.

Restore Coral.

Social innovation project and movement for the restoring of the Meso-American coral reef. 


Totally customisable and sustainable housing. 

Mind Cotine.

MindCotine is a VR, evidence-based mindfulness program that trains the brain and helps to quit smoking for good.

Green Urban Data.

Environmental intelligence for healthy cities.

The Generation Forest.

The Generation Forest cooperative is dedicated to fostering a healthy global climate, making use of a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable forestry.

Interested in knowing how we can work together for a better planet?